Well Protected Against Ambient Light


Well Protected Against Ambient Light

Water is the basis of all life, and water meters protect our planet’s most valuable resource by helping ensure that its consumption is charged fairly. Water meters serve as the interface between public utility networks and private-sector residential buildings and business facilities. Lorenz GmbH & Co. KG uses light-shielding films from Schreiner ProTech for reliable reading of digital water meters.

Light-shielding films from Schreiner ProTech prevent interfering light waves from penetrating the metering device.

A water meter indicates the volume of water that has passed through it. That’s why they have to be calibrated. Digital water meters are particularly accurate. Efficient data acquisition and transmission combined with systematic data analysis provide major opportunities for enhancing the quality of water supply systems.

Significant savings can be achieved by detecting waste, localizing leakage, and reducing the need for related service travel. The metering technology employed is decisive for capturing and transmitting the data required by water utilities quickly and reliably.

Digital water meters use wireless technology for data transmission. To prevent reading errors of domestic water meters by external wireless devices, they must be shielded against ambient light penetrating the housing. The absence of such shielding may result in interference with the light barrier inside the meter, which is excited by controlled influx of light, leading to reading and transmission errors of the information logged within the device.

Schreiner ProTech has developed a light-shielding film for Lorenz for adhesive application around the water meter inside the housing. It prevents the penetration of external light rays and therefore effectively eliminates light interference affecting the reading of information.

Precision metering technology determines data speed and reliability.