Vienna Parking Permit— A Seven-Year Success Story


Vienna Parking Permit—
A Seven-Year Success Story

In March 2022 the rollout of connected short-term parking zones for the respective residents began in all districts of Vienna, with standardized prices and parking periods. Since then, parking throughout Vienna has been permitted only with an electronic parking permit sticker or a parking ticket. The sticker has been supplied by Schreiner PrinTrust since 2015.

Scratching off the permit sticker used to pose a problem with the previous solution. Once applied to the windshield, the electronic parking permit now no longer has to be scratched off. Due to the modern RFID chip, it can continue to be used after the owner has moved to another district or sold the car because multiple renewals of the permit can be read out because of the chip. The success story of this solution started seven years ago.

In November 2015, the pilot phase for an electronic parking sticker was launched in Vienna:
Together with the responsible municipal district office, Schreiner PrinTrust had developed the ((rfid))-Parking Chip required for on-street parking. A little less than a year later, the parking permit enabling police officers to automatically and easily identify vehicles by using a corresponding reader was rolled out across Vienna. The reading process is contactless from a distance of a few meters—without line of sight.

The electronic parking sticker can be read in a contactless process from a distance of a few meters.

The electronic parking permit based on Schreiner PrinTrust’s ((rfid))-Windshield Label Global has reduced the administrative effort for the city of Vienna, for inspectors, and for drivers, and has proven its viability in several years of field use. “The extension of the parking sticker to all districts is a milestone achievement for climate protection and quality of life in our city,” says Vienna city council member for mobility Ulli Sima. “With this top-class offering of the Vienna Lines and the consistent expansion of public transportation, we offer affordable and attractive alternatives for switching to eco-friendly means of transportation. The revenue from the parking sticker goes to the expansion of public transportation. The parking sticker’s use across the board puts an end to the previous hodgepodge and displacement effects to neighboring districts. The traffic volume is reduced, finding a parking place has become easier for Vienna residents, and we create more space for the people in our city.”