Teamwork for Technology


Teamwork for Technology

Lightweight, thin, and flexible: The benefits of solutions in the area of printed electronics have been described before in our Forum magazine on several occasions. By contrast, the kind of preliminary work that turns ideas into reality is rarely communicated externally, although especially the further development of customized EIF (electronics-in-film) solutions calls for cross-functional collaboration.

When team members of the Schreiner PrinTronics competence center talk about the Fourth Dimension the subject is less about galactic than totally terrestrial challenges. That’s because with printed electronics not only length, width, and height matter but, above all, electric characteristics such as resistance and conductivity. All parameters without exception must be correct or else the technology won’t work.

Consequently, product and process development in the field of printed electronics is extremely complex. The strict requirements concerning cleanliness, printability, and quality management must be considered at an early stage, and the material costs, particularly for silver pastes, are comparably high.

To ensure that everything fits, the experts within Schreiner Group work hand in hand. The “EIF family” includes colleagues from Schreiner PrinTronics, from research and development, from the EIF process center, from industrial engineering, and from quality management. Divided into various working groups, they all have a part in creating the big picture, and everyone is committed to making EIF a success. That can only be achieved by a team effort, and the outstanding collaboration throughout the entire process reflects that pool of knowledge.

Several departments sharing the same goal: the further development of printed electronics.
Several departments sharing the same goal: the further development of printed electronics.

The contributions by the various functions mesh like small gearwheels: while the experts from the Schreiner PrinTronics competence center are responsible for the entire product and process development, the R+D team provides advice and assistance with fundamental questions and prototyping.

The technical laboratory at Schreiner Group provides a unique opportunity of accessing the company’s entire portfolio. In the prototyping department, employees can test a wide variety of materials and combinations, and create prototypes before the product goes into regular production.

That takes place at the EIF process center where the production machines are located and the machine operators work in close coordination with the other teams involved. The industrial engineering team is responsible for the continuous further development and optimization of the machines. The quality management team supports the process from the get-go.

The collaboration between the different departments pays off. Thanks to many different experts the compatibility between raw materials, printing process, functionality, and final use can be ensured, and the printed electronics unit within Schreiner Group can continue to successfully grow.