Tailored Security Concepts: No Chance for Criminals


Tailored Security Concepts:
No Chance for Criminals

11 million USD in illicit medicines, more than 7,800 seizures of illegal and fake medicines and healthcare products: This is the outcome of Operation Pangea XV (Global) conducted worldwide by Interpol in June 2022 to combat criminal online trade of illegal medications. For years, the pharmaceutical industry has been exposed to a growing worldwide threat by counterfeit medicines. With special security solutions from Schreiner MediPharm, pharmaceutical manufacturers can effectively protect their medications and support the integrity of their supply chains. Depending on the relevant threat scenario, the customized development of any security concept to suit the respective packaging form, be it folding boxes or primary containers, is crucial.

Schreiner MediPharm’s Security Concepts Are Based on Three Categories


Addressing Diverse Threat Scenarios

Exchange of Drugs

Security labels with first-opening indication that irreversibly indicate a tampering attempt and secure the integrity of packaging.

Counterfeiting of Drugs

Security labels with integrated overt, covert, and digital authentication features serving to verify product authenticity.

Diversion and Re-Import

Security labels with RFID/NFC and Track & Trace solutions enabling digital identification and online authentication.

Development of a Customized Security Concept

Assessment of the current situation, e.g. the threat to which a pharmaceutical is exposed and who will be involved in the verification process, is the first step in the development process of a customized security concept. Following an in-depth analysis by our Pharma-Security experts, we will develop an effective security concept together with our customer, verify its feasibility in a pilot stage, and implement the concept after a successful test phase.

All concepts are based on tailored solutions that have been developed by an experienced security team. The various security features can be combined and integrated into any kind of customized functional labels. They result in effective, multi-level security solutions that consider the relevant stakeholders along the supply chain, from informed experts to final users. As a strategic partner, Schreiner MediPharm supports pharmaceutical manufacturers from the analysis and concept stage through to successful implementation.


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