Sustainable Insurance Plates


Sustainable Insurance Plates

The benefits of insurance plates made of self-adhesive film are obvious. In direct comparison with the good old metal plate, they weigh less, are harder to fake, easier to use, and conserve resources. In Germany, electric scooters have exclusively been on the road with film-based plates since 2019. Thanks to an exception from previous regulations, that has applied to all small motorbikes like mopeds or scooters in this country since 2021. Insurance companies can purchase the self-adhesive plates directly from approved manufacturers such as Schreiner PrinTrust.

Insurance plates are indispensable for mopeds and scooters, etc. As inconspicuous as they may be, the small adhesive plates need to satisfy exacting requirements: They must be particularly rugged and weather-resistant. Higher-level UV protection and strong adhesion play a role just like ease of use by the insurance policy holder.

One of the objectives of the pilot project for proof of liability insurance for small motorbikes using film-based plates is to simplify the processes for vehicle owners and the insurance sector. The sticker is sent to the client, very easy to apply, and the inconvenience of having to remove and reinstall the plate is eliminated. In the case of the plastic carrier plate that can be ordered from Schreiner PrinTrust as well, the current film-based plate is exchanged once a year or a new one simply applied on top of the previous plate. That method has been proven in use on scooters for several years. Schreiner PrinTrust developed the innovative adhesive plate for the German Insurance Association (GDV).

The film-based plate is sent to the client and very easy to apply.

Sustainability is another aspect of the project. Insurance plates become invalid after one year. At that time, metal plates need to be exchanged completely. In the case of the film-based plate, however, the basic carrier plate remains on the vehicle and only the top layer with the printed identification is replaced. Plus, the production process and transportation of the film-based plates entail far less emissions than those of a conventional insurance plate.

The experts from Schreiner Group were the development partner and supplier from the beginning of the project and the self-adhesive insurance plate from Schreiner is explicitly mentioned as an alternative to conventional metal plates in the relevant regulation of the German Federal Ministry of Transportation. Plus, the fact that the various insurance companies can now purchase the insurance plates and carrier plates for their clients also for small motorized bikes reflects the trust in the quality and reliability of this approved producer.