Strategically Sustainable: Climate Neutrality by 2030


Strategically Sustainable:
Climate Neutrality by 2030

Climate protection and sustainability are goals to which Schreiner Group has been committed for a long time. To further enhance the entire set of its actions for CO2 reduction and waste avoidance, as well as for corporate governance, compliance, and respect for human rights, Schreiner Group officially adopted its first Strategic Sustainability Goal this year.

A conversion to green electricity already took place several years ago, photovoltaics systems have been installed on the company’s own parking garages, and adherence to social standards—by suppliers as well—has been set forth in the Code of Conduct and regularly reviewed for a long time. In 2021, electric charging stations were installed on the company’s premises, and its own product solutions designed with an even stronger environmental focus than before. “Sustainability is an important concern of mine,” says CEO Roland Schreiner. “The adoption of our Strategic Sustainability Goal enhances climate protection as well as environmental fairness and social sustainability even more efficiently than before.” For this purpose, the most important action fields were defined initially: climate protection, products and sustainability systems. All of these action fields now include requirements that have to be met. The German federal government, for instance in the amendment to the Climate Protection Act, requires climate neutrality to be achieved by 2045, whereas customers demand that CO2 Scopes 1 and 2–i.e., emissions by the vehicle fleet, gas and electricity production—must be reduced by 25 percent by 2025.

That is why a roadmap had to be created in which the sustainability goals and actions required to achieve them are defined. For instance, to achieve the climate neutrality goal, actions for energy reduction, expansion of electric mobility, and increased use of renewable energy have been stipulated.

All of these goals and actions can be summarized in a primary strategic goal: By manufacturing sustainable products, we intend to establish climate-neutral production from 2023 onward and achieve full climate neutrality by 2030. With this goal, Schreiner Group clearly surpasses other industrial companies.

Just by the installation of the photovoltaic systems on the parking garage roofs CO2 emissions are reduced by 150 tons per year. In pursuit of the Strategic Sustainability Goal, all actions are now combined and optimized even more effectively.