Small Label, Exacting Requirements


Small Label, Exacting Requirements

At the beginning of 2022, the deposit system in Germany was extended, which means that plastic one-way bottles with a capacity of up to three liters and beverage cans are now generally subject to mandatory deposits. Those containers had previously been exempted. Schreiner PrinTrust is one of the few suppliers in Germany to have been awarded DQS security certification and selected security printer for the DPG cover-label. A dedicated web shop has been established for enhanced response to demand.

Fast, easy, and secure: Customers can order their individual DPG cover-labels from the Schreiner web shop, provided they have previously registered as a beverage manufacturer or importer with DPG Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH. The statutory labeling of products requiring a deposit is composed of the DPG marking that consists of the DPG color and a barcode with the Global Trade Items Number (GTIN) serving to identify the specific beverage container. Because the marking is of central importance in the German deposit system the requirements and security specifications to be met by approved printers are high. The DPG cover-labels can be obtained from Schreiner PrinTrust as a certified deposit service provider.

“We are obviously pleased that we were able to impress with our long-standing expertise,” says Dr. Kai Schnapauff, President of Schreiner PrinTrust. “With our web shop we are now offering customers the opportunity to order DPG cover-labels from us directly online.” Size, liner materials, and colors for the DPG cover-label are clearly defined. There are two variants available for attaching the cover-label: The special deposit sticker can be applied either on top of the (old) barcode or to complement the main label. As a result, even one-way bottles and cans will reliably find their way back into the deposit cycle and clearly benefit the environment.