Security from a One-Stop Shop


Security from a One-Stop Shop

They shimmer in holographic colors, have tiny, barely visible text elements, or look like any ordinary label: integrated security technologies—overt, semi-covert, covert, analog, and digital. They are used in labels to enable authentication of a product that has been marked with them. They can be verified either with the naked eye or by using specialty readers. The Schreiner ProSecure competence center knows which authenticity feature is ideally suited for a specific application and which reader to use with it. It provides individual advice regarding the suitable technology and as a systems supplier provides the appropriate reader as well.

Brand owners, consumers, or customs officials—the users of readers vary. Consequently, the requirements of the different user groups need to be considered in the selection of the security technology and the corresponding readers. For example, ease of use and the procedures to be followed in an inspection, the duration of an inspection, and the requisite training play a role. A consumer, for instance, needs to be able to confirm a product’s authenticity very easily and without a longer learning process. By contrast, for forensic authentication in a laboratory, a brand owner’s employee needs a complex system in which he or she must be trained.

The optimal combination of security technology and reader helps to effectively protect products against counterfeiting.

There are several criteria to be considered in the selection of a suitable reader:

  • Legal compliance
  • Selection of trustworthy equipment manufacturers
  • Availability in individual markets
  • Suitability for the desired user group
  • Suitability of the technology for authentication in the specific use case

There are some security technologies for which only few manufacturers offer corresponding readers. The selection is limited even further by the fact that many manufacturers are not domiciled in the relevant jurisdictions or, in the case of small volumes, are not willing to comply with the statutory requirements in individual markets like Germany because they are too complex. That makes the selection and purchase of readers a complex task requiring specialized knowledge for every jurisdiction. Schreiner ProSecure offers an extensive portfolio of security technologies and provides advice on selecting the appropriate reader, resulting in an ideal authentication system from a one-stop shop.

Example of a semi-covert security feature requiring a reader with an infrared camera (InfraredSecure)
Example of a semi-covert security feature requiring a reader with an infrared camera (InfraredSecure)