Seal Label Self-Service: Systematic Sealing of Folding Boxes


Seal Label Self-Service: Systematic Sealing of Folding Boxes

They have been state-of-the-art for a long time: fully automatic labeling machines that apply hundreds of seals to folding boxes every minute. But what if low volumes with a variety of boxes and different labels are needed? As early as in the various stages of clinical trials, for instance, it is desirable for the design of the trial drug packaging to match the one that will subsequently be available on the market. In that case, manual application of the seals is the obvious, albeit time- and cost-intensive solution. A semi-automatic seal label dispenser like the one offered by the Schreiner Services competence center specifically for low volumes provides a faster solution combined with greater precision.

The manual dispenser is an easy-to-operate table-top device with which users can neatly seal their boxes as needed. The seals are identically positioned on every box and applied in a single step on top of the tuck-in flap at the edge of the folding box. This practically eliminates scrap that frequently occurs due to mistakes in manual application.

When boxes or labels change, the label dispenser can be adjusted by means of an easily variable lateral stop. The unit can dispense printed or blank seal labels on rolls with a width of 10 – 40 mm and a length of 20 – 35 mm. If the seals are additionally provided with security features, reliable first-opening indication of the box is ensured.

With the semi-automatic manual dispensing system from Schreiner Services folding boxes can be efficiently and reliably sealed. The solution is especially well-suited for pharmaceutical manufacturers and CMOs* where the packaging processes involve low volumes and have to be performed by hand.

*CMO: Contract Manufacturing Organization; a contract manufacturer that produces various intermediates of a medicine or the final product.

The semi-automatic dispenser is used for fast and manual application of diverse seals to a variety of boxes in low-volume processes.

The folding box to be labeled is guided to the stop and pushed forward.
Application of slight pressure automatically triggers dispensing of a label and seals the tuck-in flap at the edge of the folding box with it.