Reduced Gas Ingress: The Barrier Inside the Label


Reduced Gas Ingress: The Barrier Inside the Label

Novel medicines based on large and complex molecules react very sensitively to oxygen and other gases. If the drugs come into contact with these, they begin to oxidize. That must be prevented because oxidation can have a negative impact on shelf life and efficacy. To equip modern COC syringes with an enhanced barrier function, Schreiner MediPharm has developed innovative Gas-Protect-Labels.

Compared to conventional glass containers prefilled polymer COC syringes offer a range of benefits: They are break-resistant, have lower weight, a more flexible design, and less protein absorption. However, due to their reduced oxygen and gas barrier properties compared to glass syringes, they are not ideal for oxygen-sensitive drugs such as biologics and biosimilars used for treating cancer or autoimmune diseases.

That motivated Schreiner MediPharm to develop its innovative labels with a barrier function. Due to a specific material selection and special designs, these labels can significantly reduce the oxygen diffusion of COC syringes. Customers can choose between two variants: a Gas-Protect-Label covering a large area of the syringe barrel or a Syringe-Closure-Wrap with an additional barrier function that wraps around the syringe barrel and the cap like a second skin and is sealed at the top. The latter label additionally offers an integrated first-opening indication as reliable tamper evidence.

Both label variants were extensively tested on SCHOTT TOPPAC® 1 ml long COC syringes regarding their barrier functions and achieved impressive results. Oxygen ingress is significantly reduced. Schreiner MediPharm develops the barrier labels as customized products for the specific application and active ingredients contained in the syringe, thus ensuring the best possible protective function for any medication.


The Gas-Protect-Labels from Schreiner MediPharm provide pharmaceutical manufacturers with a simple and customized solution for implementing an oxygen barrier without the need for making any adjustments to the primary packaging, process changes, or incurring high capital expenditures. This innovative approach enables reliable and efficient protection of sensitive substances against gas diffusion in COC syringes.

Thanks to special labels with gas barrier function, oxygen ingress is significantly reduced.

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