Precision in a Matter of Seconds


Precision in a Matter of Seconds

What looks rather unspectacular from the outside is really impressive on the inside: The Schreiner Services competence center has developed a processing machine with a rotary indexing table featuring eight indexing stations and producing one article every 20 seconds.

The special characteristic of this machine is that a functional label is applied with maximum precision to a three-dimensional object at an angle of nearly 360 degrees—including functional checks using trilateral image inspection and resistance measurement.

“Rollers, dispensers, and applicators are part of our standard portfolio. But this type of processing is really rare and extremely difficult to implement,” explains Andreas Litzlbeck, project leader for automation solutions. In spite of this major challenge the machine delivers reliable, reproducible, and highly precise results in a matter of seconds—criteria to which not only customers in the automotive industry attach great importance.

This type of processing is really rare and extremely difficult to implement.

About one year passed between the initial idea and the final product. The heart and soul that was put into this entire project becomes apparent when Michael Reineke, head of the Schreiner Services competence center, passionately describes it as a “technical gem”: “I’m delighted that, thanks to our know-how, we’ve been able to supply not only the specialty label but also the complex processing machine for it. Implementing even the smallest modification loop in an innovation project and shaping it creatively and constructively always poses a challenge—but one that we’re pleased to take on.