Patient Report on CPT®patch Pain-Free and Happy


Patient Report on CPT®patch
Pain-Free and Happy

The collaboration between Coldplasmatech based in Greifswald, Germany, and Schreiner ProTech has enabled CPT®patch, a specialty wound dressing, to be produced for the first time in an industrial-scale process, i.e., as a product suitable for the mass market—marking a quantum leap, medically and economically, that has recently been recognized with the Innovation Award Bavaria. What, specifically, does this innovation mean for people afflicted with wounds? A former patient describes how the treatment with cold plasma changed her life.

Initially, it was just a small wound on one of her ankles, and nothing that Ruth Wollgast would have been seriously concerned about. That the healing process progresses slowly does not surprise the 77-year-old resident of Hamburg either. She’s a diabetic and used to such side effects, but this time, the situation is different: the condition of the wound deteriorates and ultimately becomes chronic.

That marks the beginning of a years-long ordeal that nearly three million Germans share with Ruth Wollgast. It’s marked by major restrictions in everyday life, countless treatments with ointments, pills, wound dressings, and ultimately, in Wollgast’s case, skin grafting. None of these treatments is successful. Looking back, the retiree, who carries her age well, says, “I’m really a very positive person but the wound did take its toll on me. When you continue to be in pain after three years and are truly restricted, that, no doubt, is a reason for despair.”

It’s her diabetologist that ultimately tells her about the new therapy involving cold plasma. Discouraged by the many setbacks, she remains skeptical but agrees to a therapy. She’d been uneasy before her first appointment, she recalls, and even more surprised that the treatment with the CPT®patch was short and painless. And, above all, it worked!

Twice a week the plasma patch is applied to the patient’s roughly eight-centimeter wound, and the cold plasma is generated directly above the open area. Multi-resistant bacteria are killed in just 120 seconds, and the regeneration of cells is promoted. After merely six weeks, Ruth Wollgast’s wound is closed: “I’m so thankful to my physician for having recommended this therapy to me and even persuaded me a little. Now I’m able to live freely again, have no more pain, and am simply happy.

Coldplasmatech currently has more than 40 therapy centers in Germany providing daily treatment to patients. The centers can be found at

More treatment stories and physicians’ statements can be found on Coldplasmatech’s YouTube channel (German).

Schreiner Group, together with medical technology company Coldplasmatech, has realized this flexible wound dressing in which cold plasma is generated that kills multi-resistant bacteria and promotes cell regeneration. The utilization of printed electronics based on plasma-physical findings and implementation in a roll-to-roll printing process has made this technology suitable for the mass market—marking a major leap in modern medicine.