New Security Label: Tamper Protection for Vials


New Security Label:
Tamper Protection for Vials

Shortly after the first COVID-19 vaccines hit the market in December 2020, Interpol issued warnings of the first fakes. Obviously, criminals immediately recognized the coveted vaccine as a lucrative business opportunity. The fact that, in the worst case, faked medicines can cost human life does not appear to deter counterfeiters from putting them into circulation. To perfect the fraud, they use original containers and fill them with ineffective or harmful substitutes. In many cases, such tampering with medicines cannot be detected. A new security label from Schreiner MediPharm specifically for vials is designed to help prevent the unlawful reuse of original containers by means of clear and irreversible first-opening indication.

The single-layer label wraps around the vial up to the level of the cap. Before opening the vial, a tear strip has to be peeled off. This indicates that the label has been opened. Subsequently, a covert warning message appears to underline the initial opening. The first-opening indication becomes even clearer by an optional void effect, where previously invisible lettering or symbols irreversibly separate from an indicator field.

The label can be complemented with additional authentication features and a detachable documentation label. For even higher security, an inspection window for checking the vial content can be incorporated into the label as well as light protection for sensitive substances or NFC/RFID chips for digital applications.

Due to its clear first-opening indication, the new security label by Schreiner MediPharm protects the integrity of vials and helps avoid their illegal reuse.

The new tamper-evident label from Schreiner MediPharm is suited particularly well for small vials. It can be processed in the normal labeling workflow in pharmaceutical manufacturing; product branding and design are retained. The label is easy to use by healthcare staff, showing at first glance whether the medication is an originally sealed product. Patients are protected against potential administration of ineffective or harmful medications. Pharmaceutical manufacturers benefit from a solution that is precisely adapted to their requirements, smoothly fits into their production processes, and helps secure their supply chain.

First-opening and counterfeit protection features, NFC/RFID chips, and light protection can be incorporated into the vial security label.