Membership in Bavarian Textile Association— A Gain in Certainty


Membership in Bavarian Textile Association—A Gain in Certainty

The textile and clothing industry has seen major changes since its early days including a massive extension of the uses for its products. Aside from classic goods such as apparel and home textiles, the industry produces highly innovative high-tech products for a wide range of markets today. As a manufacturer and converter of high-tech membranes for venting solutions, Schreiner ProTech has recently become a member of the Bavarian Textile Association.

The Bavarian textile and clothing industry consists largely of medium-sized companies, many of which have been family-owned for generations. A large number of them have become highly specialized in manufacturing high-tech products just like Schreiner ProTech has. This makes it all the more important for these businesses to focus closely on changes in the regulatory environment. The textile industry, for example, is heavily affected by substance bans in the area of fluorine chemistry.

Fast response to material changes due to early information.

The Bavarian Textile Association enjoys excellent connections with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and other organizations. It provides an overview of existing substance bans that are discussed within the association as well. Consequently, it can provide comprehensive information and advice on current regulations and bans to its members at an early stage. In this highly complex field, the members benefit from advance information enabling timely responses to upcoming changes in materials. These challenges can frequently be addressed and resolved in much easier ways as a concerted effort, which in turn translates into assured supply of products for consumers.