Low Flammability: Higher Safety for Inflatable Curtains


Low Flammability:
Higher Safety for Inflatable Curtains

Inflatable curtains are body-mounted folded or rolled airbags. IC tapes from Schreiner ProTech retain these airbags in their folded or rolled condition. This prevents undesirable opening of the airbags during pre-assembly and installation in the vehicle until they are intentionally deployed in the event of a crash. Now the business unit has qualified a new material with low flammability for these reliable and robust retention tapes.

The new IC tapes are based on a white HDPE film that can be combined with three different acrylate adhesives depending on the specification. All product versions meet the low-flammability requirements according to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 302. In addition, the new material offers other advantages compared to conventional PET or PP solutions. HDPE has high tear strength which results in lower scrap being produced in the application process of perforated material. In addition, material shrinkage of the film at 120 °C is below 0.5 percent.
“The further development of our IC tapes is just one of many examples that show our active daily commitment to innovation and continuous improvement at Schreiner ProTech,” says Thomas Köberlein, President of Schreiner ProTech. “Our objective is to always come up with the best possible solution for our customers.”

A special flammability test has to prove that an IC tape meets the relevant FMVSS requirements.

Tailored solutions: IC tapes are available either as die-cut versions or on rolls with custom printability as specified by the customer.