LogiMAT Trade Show Log


LogiMAT Trade Show Log

LogiMAT, Europe’s biggest annual intralogistics trade show, took place in Stuttgart at the end of April. The show’s motto, “Hands-on Innovation,” was a perfect fit for the experts from Schreiner ProTech, who presented customized precision RFID solutions during the three-day event: from container marking to physical asset management applications to solutions for modern traffic management. RFID product manager Katharina Tote was actively involved in the activities on the ground and captured her impressions in a trade show diary.

As soon as I arrive, I realize that LogiMAT is a large-scale event. More than 1,500 international exhibitors are showcasing their industry solutions here. I’m approaching the trade show grounds in stop & go traffic and am lucky to find a parking place directly next to our hall. Okay, let’s go, I’ve got a bag full of outstanding RFID solutions—for smart container management in logistics, for digital, contactless, and sustainable physical asset management, or for easy identification in traffic management, etc.

High-Performance RFID labels: The motto on our trade booth wall says it all. Together with my colleagues Becker, Schempp, and Maxharraj we offer our (potential) customers in-depth technology and market expertise. We’re part of the AIM-D* association booth that we’re sharing with members from the auto-ID sector.

I take advantage of the opportunity and engage in an exchange with Peter Altes, the managing director of the industry association AIM-D*, about news from the industry and the potential of our encrypted RFID labels for secure product marking.

Time for a short tour. I visit our partner ifm electronic GmbH, who is presenting their automated intralogistics solutions. Here containers that are marked with our RFID labels are hauled by driverless transportation systems. I’m fascinated again and again to see our labels live in action. In addition, the ifm booth features a demo of their worker assistance system.

Day 2 is dedicated to networking. My colleague Paul Bunge is an old hand with more than 15 years of industry experience and introduces many of his contacts from the RFID world to me. Together we share information about the requirements for secure registration, toll fee models, parking permits, access controls, and authentication. Our RFID labels are all-rounders.

In the afternoon, we’ve again planned conversations with important stakeholders.Interest in our booth is strong because of the specialty Schreiner ProTech offers together with our colleagues from the Schreiner LogiData competence center: We realize RFID applications for our customers that cannot be achieved by off-the-shelf products.

Now, as the trade show is winding down, the number of visitors is clearly decreasing and we’ll soon need to start taking down our booth. Of course, the trade show days were strenuous but they were absolutely worth the effort: I’m going home with many answers and new questions. The numerous conversations I had confirmed that with our specialized applications we can offer to our customers exactly what they need: That is innovative and reliable solutions that we customize for them. A fact that they particularly appreciate is Schreiner ProTech’s availability as a reliable partner for comprehensive solutions covering all the bases.

* AIM-D is the global industry association for Automatic Identification (AutoID), Data Acquisition, and Mobile Data Communication.