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Integrated Sustainability
Sustainable Products

Sustainability and climate protection are among Schreiner Group’s focus topics. The company is committed to energy efficiency, reduction of CO2 emissions, and sparing use of resources in all areas of the organization. The same applies to the development of product solutions for customers all over the world—because they’ve set sustainability goals for themselves as well.

Expectations concerning sustainable product design have increased significantly in recent years. Schreiner Group ensures that the related customer requirements are always met through strict alignment of its operations with standards such as IATF 16949, EMAS, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001. Product and process design takes into account a comprehensive sustainable product development policy including all lifecycles.

As early as in the product design stage, Schreiner Group’s developers pay attention to the utilization of sustainable types of materials, the carbon footprint, the product’s recyclability, and numerous other criteria. The raw materials for the products are purchased exclusively from selected suppliers. In addition, these materials are reviewed for environmental compatibility, harmlessness to human health, and legal compliance. Environmentally compatible and efficient product manufacturing plays a key role also in the product planning process that’s focused on high material efficiency and minimization of harmful emissions. These efforts result in solutions that, at comparable costs and equivalent performance, exhibit a clearly enhanced eco-balance and have been developed in consideration of social aspects.

The Integrated Sustainability logo readily identifies Schreiner Group’s sustainable labels, such as Needle-Trap from Schreiner MediPharm that meets two of the three criteria.

In the future, Schreiner Group’s sustainable labels will be distinguished by the “Integrated Sustainability” mark so that they can be recognized at first glance. Any product bearing this label will meet at least one of these three criteria:

Recycling materials and materials from renewable raw material sources

The label consists (partially) of recycled materials or materials from sustainable raw material sources.

Climate-neutral production

The label was produced on a climate- neutral basis.

Reduced material consumption

Less material was used than is typical for the market.

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