Grüezi, Swiss Vignette!


Grüezi, Swiss Vignette!

Getting caught without a “vignette” toll fee sticker in Switzerland is expensive, which is not surprising in view of the high costs the construction and maintenance of the country’s national roads entails. That’s why, since 1985, the sale of the vignettes for traveling on freeways has been an important element of financing these roads. However, this official sticker has also been subject to counterfeiting and tampering attempts. Starting in 2022, Schreiner Group together with a partner, FO-Security, will assume responsibility for producing this security-printed product.

The offering of the Schreiner PrinTrust business unit impresses particularly in terms of a secure production environment. In addition, extensive experience in manufacturing comparable products such as the vehicle fine-dust sticker, the electronic parking sticker of the city of Vienna, and various registration and official insurance stickers, arguably played a key role in winning the tender.


The vignette is applied to the inside of the windshield and has to withstand all environmental conditions such as cold, heat, and UV light. In addition, the vignette must resist tampering attempts and not be reusable after having been peeled off. In this context, Schreiner PrinTrust scored with its certifications in the areas of security and quality as well as with its experience in manufacturing comparable security products. Aside from the product features, guaranteed reliability and on-time production of the currently more than ten million vignettes per year were other key factors. Schreiner PrinTrust has the manufacturing capacities for producing large volumes of vignettes within a short period of time. Secure warehousing of the vignettes and their logistical distribution within Switzerland were requirements that Schreiner PrinTrust and FO-Security jointly meet superbly as well.

Particularly security-relevant products such as vignettes, fine-dust stickers, and PIN labels for banks are produced in a special high-security area that is certified according to the international management system standard for security printing operations. Along the entire value chain, an end-to-end security concept has been implemented that defines the conditions for the facility infrastructure, access authorizations, the production environment, transportation and storage of products, and data security.