Green Light Instead of Dirty Air


Green Light Instead of Dirty Air

It comes in red, yellow, and green, and is applied to the windshield of nearly every automobile in Germany in a readily visible place. Since 2008 the fine-dust sticker has been required for any vehicle entering a low-emission zone. Produced by Schreiner PrinTrust in Oberschleissheim, the product is sold by Jüngling Verlag based in Unterschleissheim. A brief look at a more than 15-year collaboration.

Dirty air started the joint project in 2006 when fine-dust aka particulate pollution in city centers was clearly too high and low-emission zones were created along with the “Regulation for Marking Motor Vehicles with Minimal Contribution to Pollution.” The regulation requires a standardized Germany-wide identification of cars, trucks, and buses featuring the three colors of a traffic light.

Behördenverlag Jüngling is a publishing house that is perfectly suited for providing the new mandatory marking. In nearly 90 years, Jüngling evolved from a publisher of forms to a specialist publishing house for government and related official documents. The business based in Unterschleissheim near Munich is not only a supplier to the public sector but also the go-to place for numerous institutions such as monitoring organizations and the federal association of the automotive trade. The fine-dust sticker is just one product of Jüngling’s extensive portfolio of products and services. Manfred Hammerschmidt, CEO of Behördenverlag Jüngling-gbb, looks back: “At that time, we were looking for a reliable partner that was able to satisfy all the requirements including the challenging security features and we soon realized that Schreiner PrinTrust was our first choice. Plus,” he laughs,” we’re practically neighbors.”

Manfred Hammerschmidt, Geschäftsführer Behördenverlag Jüngling-gbb
Manfred Hammerschmidt, CEO Behördenverlag Jüngling-gbb

Aside from their geographic proximity the two companies share the pursuit of innovative products and professional expertise. “For us,” says Dr. Kai Schnapauff, Director Schreiner PrinTrust, “that was an exciting project back then because we had to deliver exceptional durability – across 10 years! – in special ambient conditions: The conditions behind the windshield entail heavily fluctuating temperatures and prolonged UV exposure. At the same time, quality must be ensured for years just like all the necessary sticker versions.”

Today, 56 low-emission zones exist throughout Germany. Only vehicles with a green sticker that stands for pollutant category 4 have a green light here. An extension of the range of colors is currently being discussed. “Let’s see,” says Manfred Hammerschmidt, “if there’ll be another sticker. It would serve to mark vehicles exceeding EURO 4, which means they’re cleaner than the green sticker requires. We’d no doubt be ready—and together with Schreiner PrinTrust we’re already a well-practiced team.”