Far East Focus: Producing Locally to Score Globally


Far East Focus:
Producing Locally to
Score Globally

Schreiner Group has now been locally present with a production location in China for eight years. While the plant initially was mainly focused on supply to customers in the automotive industry the healthcare sector has since become established at the site in Shanghai/Jinshan as well. The site’s prospects continue to be promising— not least due to a targeted strategy.

Ample space and plenty of potential: Schreiner Group’s Shanghai/Jinshan location.

Local for local—Schreiner Group’s formula for success in the Middle Kingdom could hardly be summarized more succinctly: many of the company’s customers are important global players that are active in China as well.

Being locally present as a strategic partner for precisely those customers, to produce for them, and to optimally support them was a central motivation from the outset: “Due to our local production, we can deliver products to our customers fast, reliably, and in our usual top quality,” CEO Roland Schreiner explains. “As a result, we not only avoid long shipping routes and offer short delivery times but also show a presence on the Chinese market that’s not focused on exports. By pursuing this purpose, that element, just like our location in America, has clearly strengthened our entire group of companies.”

Another positive aspect is the fact that Jinshan is staffed almost exclusively by Chinese employees. Employee retention and loyalty are high: Many employees have been with the company ever since it was founded and Location Manager Jamie Long recently celebrated his 15th anniversary with Schreiner Group. Moreover, the promotion of two colleages is a visible sign that the company believes in its employees and invests in them. That’s also a potential incentive for new employees because the location in China continues to expand: “As a result of our move to Jinshan a little more than a year and a half ago, we have an area that’s almost three times as large as the one we had before—and that’s exactly the space we need for further growth!” says Thomas Köberlein, President of Schreiner ProTech. “The Chinese domestic market is huge and offers plenty of potential in our core segments, Mobility and Healthcare. We’re in a good position locally with both Schreiner ProTech and Schreiner MediPharm and can therefore gradually expand our market position.”

Securing jobs through local production and the related sales opportunities, presenting solutions locally, engaging in exchanges with customers, partners, and prospects, and scoring globally due to the total package: Even though it’s just one element of Schreiner Group’s internationalization strategy, it’s a very successful one. The strategy that has been paying off for the company from Oberschleissheim so far will continue to be actively pursued in 2024 and the Jinshan location will continue to contribute to the robustness of Schreiner Group as a whole due to its growth potential and opportunities.

A strong team: Many employees in China have been on board ever since the location was founded.
Fully committed: Jamie Long, General Manager Jinshan, is honored for his 15 years of service to the company by Thomas Köberlein, President of Schreiner ProTech.