ERP Change: Schreiner Group Rolls out SAP


ERP Change:
Schreiner Group Rolls out SAP

Schreiner Group has consistently grown in recent years. International production sites were launched and just last year, in Dorfen, another one in Germany, too. Production facilities and the product portfolio have been continuously expanded. The number of employees has more than doubled in the last twenty years. To prepare for further growth and secure its continuing capacity to offer customers optimum solutions, Schreiner Group keeps investing in the company’s development going forward. The ERP system will successively migrate to SAP S/4HANA starting in January 2021 in line with this ongoing effort.

The ERP migration serves to create modern and connected structures, processes and systems for all of Schreiner Group’s locations. Business processes have been adjusted and optimized in the course of this project as well. Customers and partners affected by the migration were informed and involved early on. Schreiner Group chose to progressively roll out SAP S/4HANA, ensuring smooth migration based on carefully developed implementation stages.

The rollout will not affect any product characteristics because neither the composition of the products nor the manufacturing processes are going to change. The ERP conversion will yield numerous benefits for customers, partners and suppliers nonetheless: The future process-oriented software landscape will be standardized and enhanced. Documents and externally used forms will be optimized and provided with a new look. However, Schreiner Group’s main motivation for selecting SAP S/4HANA was to roll out a cross-industry platform that many customers are using, too, resulting in even greater integration of shared business processes. Innovative Labels–Smart Solutions: this promise will be more appropriate than ever from 2021 on!