EMI Protection Films Reduce Damage Caused by Electromagnetic Waves


EMI Protection Films Reduce Damage Caused by Electromagnetic Waves

Avoidance of damage caused by electromagnetic waves is an increasingly important topic in the electronics industry due to the growing number of electronic components being installed in automobiles. This increases the complexity of ensuring electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

Learn more about protection films and warning labels for electrical components in our 4-part series. Read about how they reduce the risks to humans and components through insulation, shielding and warnings. 

In the event of inadequate shielding, electromagnetic waves and electrostatic fields cause unwanted voltages and currents resulting in mutual interferences of neighboring equipment. The consequences are audible humming, functional impairments and signal interferences (e.g. of sensors and electronic control units), plus a higher risk of fire due to overloads up to and including total equipment failure.

Protection films for EMI shielding from Schreiner ProTech provide relief: They reduce the hazards emanating from electromagnetic radiation. The films consist of electrically conductive materials such as metallized films, metal foils, metallized foam and metal fabrics. The frequency of the radiation is an important factor in selecting the shielding film: the lower the frequency, the larger the wavelength and penetration depth of the radiation. The film’s shielding effect depends on the material’s properties, the geometry and the assembly conditions. All films are optimized to suit the customer’s specific application. Customers test the shielding in real-world conditions at their own sites.

EMI protection films safeguard electronic devices against damage or functional impairments caused by electromagnetic waves

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) refers to a technical device’s ability of not interfering with other devices due to unwanted electrical or electromagnetic effects and not to be interfered with by other devices. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) refers to effects on the functionality of electrical circuits, devices and systems caused by magnetic and electrical fields.

Full-Service Package

Schreiner ProTech offers an extensive range of modified processing systems supporting the application of EMI protection films. They can be customized to suit specific requirements. As a result, the customer receives a total solution from a one-stop shop in which the individual components are optimally coordinated with each other.

In this series, Schreiner ProTech addresses a variety of aspects focused on the topic of protection films and warning labels. The articles posted discuss the following questions: How can components be protected against damage caused by electrical voltages, charge transfers and electromagnetic waves? How can warning labels caution against hazards emanating from high voltage? What types of stress do they have to resist?

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