DoseID: RFID Standard for Healthcare


DoseID: RFID Standard for Healthcare

RFID technology has been gaining traction in the healthcare sector, but standardized tools for tracking medications, devices and consumables are lacking. DoseID, a US consortium and the first industry association dedicated to standardizing the use of RFID tags in healthcare, was established for the purpose of introducing an industry-wide standard. Schreiner MediPharm has joined this alliance of leading players in the healthcare sector.

DoseID was established in August 2020. It is the first industry association dedicated to standardizing the use of RFID tags for drug product tracking across all hardware and software systems—from the manufacturer, through the distributor, to the hospital and eventually to the patient. Members include Omnicell Inc., Sandoz, Baxter, Hikma, Leiters, Nephron Pharmaceuticals, Avery Dennison and Kit Check. To ensure adherence to the standards established by the consortium and conformity with the requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturers, compounding pharmacies*, pharmacy automation services providers, and manufacturers of RFID inlays and tags, a special RFID tag certification is awarded after third-party testing.

Pharmaceuticals can be successfully tracked by serializing medications, containers and devices and when the RFID tags deliver reliable performance in all hospital and healthcare IT systems so that products can be tracked at unit level and across their entire lifecycle. DoseID serialization surpasses the requirements of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), a standard securing the US supply chain of prescription drugs. RFID-Labels from Schreiner MediPharm are important enablers in this context: They allow frictionless integration and smooth processing on pharmaceutical packaging lines, improve the automation of processes to increase efficiency and, most importantly, enhance patient and drug safety.

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“As a long-term provider of customized RFID-Labels for the healthcare industry we see the need for interoperability and quality standards as essential to leveraging the full potential of RFID. We look forward to being part of the DoseID consortium to mutually drive RFID-based smart solutions to enhance the pharmaceutical supply chain,” says Stefan Wiedemann, Senior Director Strategic Marketing and Business Development at Schreiner MediPharm. Some of DoseID’s concepts have already been successfully implemented. More than 120 million units have been tagged to date.

*Pharmacies that prepare individual medications for their customers.

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