Display Protection: Effective Safeguards for Infotainment


Display Protection: Effective Safeguards for Infotainment

In 1886, Carl Benz developed the first motor vehicle that’s regarded as the ancestor of today’s automobile. A lot has changed in the automotive industry since those early days: Advanced infotainment and entertainment systems, for instance, are just one of many technologies defining modern mobility. Display applications—be they used as instrument clusters or as user interfaces of touch displays—make for a comfortable, efficient and individual driving experience. The innovative film-based solution from Schreiner ProTech provides them with the requisite protection.

Displays have to be protected against external effects such as dirt or potential damage like scratching throughout the value chain from production to delivery to installation in a vehicle. Display protection films from Schreiner ProTech serve this purpose, because a scratched display in a brand-new car would result in considerable disappointment on the customer’s part and the resulting image loss to the manufacturer.

Moreover, the risk of electrostatic discharge must be mitigated during the non-residual removal of this film from a display. Protection films reduce the probability of electric flashovers when the protection film is peeled off a display.This also mitigates the risks of damage to electronic components or persons suffering electric shocks.

The display protection film from Schreiner ProTech reduces electrostatic discharge.

Benefits of Protection films

  • Reduction of electrostatic charging and discharging
  • Assurance of optimal performance of electronic components
  • Prevention of personal hazards due to electric shock
  • Avoidance of flammable substances being ignited due to spark formation

Due to the increasingly larger sizes of displays, the protection film is required in unusually large sizes as well. Schreiner ProTech offers an optimal price-performance ratio. Besides the required durability, the product delivers additional benefits: “Application is simple and efficient. For instance, the protection film can be imprinted with processing information to facilitate manual application. Fully automated application is possible as well,” says Dana Imminger, Product Manager for Protection film at Schreiner ProTech. The layout can be customized to suit individual needs. In addition, the integrated tab ensures easy removal of the film.