Corona Crisis: Successfully Managed


Corona Crisis:
Successfully Managed

Stay-at-home rules, mandatory wearing of masks and mass curtailment of work schedules: In 2020, a scenario that was still unthinkable in 2019 became bitter reality also in Germany. When corona infection rates kept increasing, Schreiner Group was challenged to enhance the protection of its employees, sustaining manufacturing operations—and assuming social responsibility.

Even long before the government decided to issue contact restrictions, Schreiner Group established an internal crisis management team that reassessed the situation on a daily basis and initiated numerous actions. For instance, employees that did not have to work on-site were allowed to switch to remote work while production workers were provided with mouth-nose masks. All the actions were primarily centered on the safety of the company’s own workforce as well as on the question of how production could be sustained in the event of a lockdown.

Schreiner Group makes a key contribution to healthcare.

As an essential business, Schreiner Group’s continuing manufacturing operations were not only an economic imperative but also driven by social responsibility. Especially customers in the pharmaceutical and medical device technology sectors required Schreiner Group’s products in order to be able to deliver important medications for (corona) therapies, for corona testing or accessories for ventilators. To ensure the continuation of such activities, a constant, trust-based exchange took place with all partners, customers and suppliers.

By radically changing daily work routines and producing numerous urgently needed products for the pharmaceutical industry, Schreiner Group was able to make an important contribution to healthcare just in the first half of 2020 and successfully weathered the first months of the corona pandemic.