Concentrated Expertise: Packaging Seminar


Concentrated Expertise:
Packaging Seminar

In the middle of September 2023, the two packaging specialists SGD Pharma and Schreiner MediPharm jointly conducted a two-day seminar to provide participants from the pharmaceutical industry with insights into glass and label manufactur­ing and to inform them about current mar­ket trends and the latest product develop­ments. The seminar was rounded out by a joint evening event at which the partici­pants had time to engage in exchange and networking. Yet the best part about the seminar was the enthusiastic feedback by the visitors.

SGD Pharma and Schreiner MediPharm both are specialists in their field. SGD Pharma is a leading glass manufacturer for the pharma­ceutical industry producing infusion bottles, vials, injection bottles, and ampoules, among other things. Schreiner MediPharm is a lead­ing developer and manufacturer of specialty labels for the healthcare market, i.e., including labels applied to glass containers such as labels with integrated hangers or other val­ue-adding functions. Combining their specific areas of expertise was an obvious choice for both specialists: from September 14 to 15, SGD Pharma and Schreiner MediPharm therefore offered a joint seminar for interested participants from the pharmaceutical industry in order to provide comprehensive insights into pharmaceutical packaging topics.

Day one at SGD Pharma’s site in Kipfenberg near Ingolstadt in Upper Bavaria began with a plant tour of the glass production facility. Subsequently, the visitors had the opportunity to obtain information about topics such as market overview, innovations, and sustain­ability during a variety of presentations. An evening event accompanied by music that provided the participants with an oppor­tunity to network and engage in personal exchange rounded out the day. On day two, the group traveled about 80 kilometers south to visit Schreiner MediPharm’s site in Ober­schleissheim near Munich. The presentations there ranged from current and future mar­ket trends to innovative specialty solutions for sensitive novel active ingredients and sustainable functional labels to smart RFID solutions. In addition, the latest develop­ments were presented at table-top stands. The two-day event culminated in a high-tech production tour with live demonstrations of various printing and production technologies in label manufacturing. For the participants, those were two exciting days that not only the hosts will remember positively—the feedback provided by the visitors was positive across the board as well.