China-Premiere: Nĭ hăo, Needle-Trap!


Nĭ hăo, Needle-Trap!

“Made in Germany” is a label that stands for quality worldwide. In China, German products are associated with safety, reliability and functionality, among other things. Chinese customers, however, can only be convinced to buy if their expectations are quickly met and their needs precisely satisfied. Schreiner MediPharm’s Needle-Trap, which is already successfully used in many international markets, has now managed the leap into the Middle Kingdom: Kingfriend China equips its prefilled enoxaparin-sodium syringes with the world’s only label-based needle protection system.

Enoxaparin is an anticoagulant substance from the group of heparins used to prevent thrombosis. Kingfriend offers this medication as an enoxaparin-sodium injection solution in prefilled syringes. For the European market launch of the prefilled syringes, the company was looking for a special needle protection solution that was to be cost-efficient and meet the requirements of EU Directive 2010/32/EU and DIN EN ISO 23908 for protection against sharps. They found the solution in Needle-Trap. The needle protection label with an integrated trap marks the syringe and protects healthcare staff against needlestick injuries. Kingfriend was especially convinced of the Needle-Trap design. The needle trap is directly connected to the label and features a particularly compact construction. Consequently, the secondary packaging for the Enoxaparin sodium syringes with Needle-Trap remains the same as for standard syringes and adapts consistently in the production process. This is innovative and extremely economical, because it also saves warehousing and logistics costs.

Kingfriend equips its enoxaparin-sodium syringe with Needle-Trap from Schreiner MediPharm— and is thus the first Chinese pharmaceutical company to use the needle protection label.

The prefilled enoxaparin-sodium syringe was launched in Germany in the fall of 2020. The product is marketed via the partner company Venipharm.

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Nanjing Kingfriend Biochemical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a Chinese public company based in Nanjing that is primarily engaged in research and development, production and sale of injectable products. Kingfriend is the global leading company in heparin and low molecular weight heparin (enoxaparin sodium) products. The company with almost 1,000 employees primarily exports its products to Europe and the United States. Its customer base includes the top 500 pharmaceutical companies.