Black PCS: Unobtrusive Pressure Compensation


Black PCS: Unobtrusive Pressure Compensation

White or black? Schreiner ProTech’s customers now have a choice when it comes to the color of their pressure compensation seals (PCS). The business unit has complemented its portfolio by a black membrane material and qualified it for use on component housings.

Without pressure compensation, pressure differences build up between a component enclosure and its environment. Pressure differences stress components and may damage the device in which they are installed. A pressure compensation seal (PCS) that equalizes the differences while ensuring that neither water nor oils or fuels can enter the enclosure from the outside is essential for impeccable performance of electronic equipment. Customers with black components are able to order the membrane in a color that blends in with the exterior component design–in other words black on black. “This has two advantages: The pressure compensation seal is unobtrusive, being hardly visible anymore, and dirt or dust particles are less noticeable on the dark PCS than on a white one. Consequently, the component presents a perfectly neat and clean look to the consumer,” explains product manager Adrian Marggraf.

Black membranes for black housings

Above: A white and a black PCS are attached to the inside of the housing for comparison. Below: Viewed from the outside, the black PCS is less conspicuous and hardly visible. The bright dot of the white PCS is clearly more noticeable.

The product uses a membrane made of the fluoropolymer PTFE that can either be welded or processed as a self-adhesive solution. While inquiries from new customers would frequently address the question of color many longstanding customers are excited about the black alternative to the white membrane solution as well. Marggraf puts Schreiner ProTech’s motivation in a nutshell: “Customer intimacy is our top priority, so we’re delighted that we can offer our customers such a broad membrane portfolio.”

Like white PCSs, the black PCSs are delivered on rolls for ease of handling in both manual and automatic application.