B2B Closed-Shop: Just a Few Clicks Away


B2B Closed-Shop:
Just a Few Clicks Away

The devil is in the detail: Manual ordering processes are error-prone and often lack transparency due to cumbersome email correspondence or Excel forms. Schreiner Group has now revolutionized the ordering process and developed a digital B2B closed-shop.

An automobile is made up of many single components. Barcode and RFID labels on logistics containers with flexible writability ensure that every part arrives at the right place at the right time. The extensive and complex ordering process for these labels used to largely involve the utilization of Excel forms. In a joint project of the Schreiner ProTech business unit, the technology and innovation management, IT and production departments and the Digital Solutions competence center, the customer’s need for digitalization were met. The result is a digital process with customizable labels and a digital tool to maximize the efficiency of the customer’s ordering process making manual ordering a thing of the past: the ordering process is now digitally supported via a B2B closed-shop as an ordering and configuration tool.

Due to access restrictions, the closed-shop solution offers a high level of security. Its usability is customer-friendly, taking cues from time-tested closed-shop systems. The user is intuitively guided through the ordering process and provided with a preview of the configured labels with individual data. Text content or colors of the labels can be exchanged with just a few clicks. Clear specifications of the number of digits and letters facilitate input. In addition, data consistency checks make the system less error-prone. The ordering process is easy to track, both internally and externally. That’s simplicity at its best.

Easy and efficient: flexible closed-shop-based label ordering