Award-Winning Innovation: Resounding Success at FINAT Awards


Award-Winning Innovation:
Resounding Success at FINAT Awards

This year’s presentation of the FINAT Awards saw Schreiner Group scoring in as many as four different categories. The judging panel specifically emphasized Plasma-Patch from Schreiner ProTech, a solution for wound healing by means of printed electronics that was selected for group victory in the “Innovation & Electronic Printing” category. In addition, three other products from Schreiner Group won first-place awards.

The European Association of the Self-Adhesive Label Industry (FINAT) has been awarding these coveted prizes for more than 40 years, and in 2021, four of them went to Schreiner Group. “For me, the FINAT Awards always represent an especially valuable form of recognition because they show that a wide variety of products from Schreiner Group are outstanding not only in terms of quality but also in terms of innovation. My thanks go to all employees whose capabilities and commitment have made this success possible,” says Roland Schreiner, CEO of Schreiner Group.


The main award in the “Innovation & Electronic Printing” category went to Plasma-Patch from Schreiner ProTech this year. This EIF (electronics in film) product was developed as a chronic wound healing solution for Coldplasmatech GmbH’s plasma therapy. In addition, Patch-Safe for secure storage of used transdermal patches from the Schreiner MediPharm business unit won a first-place award in the “Pharmaceutical” category. Other prizes in the “Automotive” and “Industrial” categories went to the self-adhesive moped plate from Schreiner PrinTrust and the display protection film from Schreiner ProTech.

PlasmaPatch from Schreiner ProTech was awarded the main prize in the “Innovation & Electronic Printing” category this year.

Patch-Safe from Schreiner MediPharm won a first-place award in the “Pharmaceutical” category.

The Adhesive Plate from Schreiner PrinTrust facilitates the application of a license/registration plate and won recognition in the “Automotive” category.

The Display Protection Film was awarded first place in the “Industrial” category. As a result, Schreiner ProTech won two prizes.