Charge transfers are caused by electrostatic charging, i.e. the separation of or friction between two materials. However, energized components such as cables and wires, chassis or PCBs may also cause flashovers unless they’re adequately insulated. Components may be damaged, people

Just like during a thunderstorm, electrostatic discharges can also occur in industrial environments: Whenever the difference between the charges of two objects is big enough this will result in a sudden equalization of potential. This flashover may destroy electronic components.

Blogserie: "Schutzfolien und Warnhinweisschilder reduzieren Schäden und Gefahren durch elektrische Spannungen und elektromagnetische Wellen"

Schreiner Group has been publishing an annual Sustainability Report for nearly 15 years showing how the company assumes responsibility for nature, people and society. Numerous examples demonstrate that environmental protection and sustainability are more than empty words for the company:

Since the spring of 2020 a novel virus has taken hold of the world: the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Research scientists are working at full stretch on the development of a vaccine. But pharmaceuticals—whether vaccines or other drugs—have a long way to

Many machine manufacturers are increasingly recognizing the opportunities offered by smart, digital business models. This has great potential for the mechanical engineering sector within the next ten years: Due to the availability of IOT-based components, materials and services, it is

More and more vehicles are propelled by electric motors. The energy for the traction motor is stored in a high-voltage battery. The traction battery packs are installed at various locations of a vehicle and their enclosures consist of metal or

Research and Development (R+D) at Schreiner Group is confronted with a wide variety of inquiries and issues of its customers in the healthcare and mobility markets and the public sector on a daily basis. To satisfy all customer wishes and

The motor is the centerpiece of an e-bike. The belt drive from Brose Antriebstechnik features an extremely quiet, robust and low-maintenance design and makes for a feeling of natural riding. The belt is installed in a protective housing. For reliable

Whenever individually marked components are painted the inscription has to be protected against the paint in order to be readable again after the painting process. Schreiner ProTech’s portfolio includes a label with a paint mask attached to the marking label.