In 2022, authorities in the Republic of Kosovo introduced the 3rd License Plate. The objective was to increase traffic safety in the country and to ensure clearly registered vehicles using the all-in-one solution from Schreiner PrinTrust and its Kosovar partner.

In 2021, Schreiner Group set itself a strategic sustainability goal with the intention to start climate-neutral manufacturing in 2023 and to achieve full climate neutrality by 2030. At the end of 2022, the hidden champion from Oberschleissheim also officially committed

Prefilled syringes are a particularly convenient and user-friendly solution for administering injections, and are recording continuous growth in the pharmaceutical market. Consequently, confidence in uncompromised quality of the original substance contained in the syringe is of paramount importance. To ensure

The TLMI Label Awards are the most important awards in the US printing industry. They are awarded once a year by the Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute (TLMI) for the best innovations and technical achievements. At the 2022 awards, a

In 2021, the ERP system at the Dorfen production site was changed to SAP. The transparent and standardized database in real time ensures full end-to-end traceability and enables outstanding customer service. Schreiner Group has set the course for a successful

“Continuity and New Beginnings.” Guided by that principle, Roland Schreiner assumed the role of sole CEO at Schreiner Group in fall of 2012, starting out with a clear goal that he managed to pursue successfully: continuing to develop the “hidden

Functioning like dominoes, “climate tipping elements” are components of the Earth’s global climate system that can be affected by minor influences and, when tipping, will permanently change our climate. For instance, some forecasts expect the Earth to capitulate to the

“We can use that to create UV weathering conditions. In other words, we investigate the impact of solar irradiation on a material within a short period of time,” says Dr. Jens Vor der Brüggen while pointing to a large simulator

They shimmer in holographic colors, have tiny, barely visible text elements, or look like any ordinary label: integrated security technologies—overt, semi-covert, covert, analog, and digital. They are used in labels to enable authentication of a product that has been marked

Automated, intelligent, and connected: Digitization is finding its way into modern hospitals and is suitable for a wide variety of uses—such as in inventory management, patient care and documentation, identification of medications and medical devices, and in the entire management