Schreiner MediPharm is extending its portfolio of security solutions by new sustainable closure seals for pharmaceutical packaging. The tailored seals are perfectly adapted to the respective packaging and specific threat scenarios offering not only reliable functionality but also supporting the

Prefilled polymer COC syringes have established themselves as an alternative to glass syringes in the pharmaceutical industry. They offer advantages such as break resistance, lower weight, greater design flexibility, and less protein absorption compared to glass containers. However, they have

With Schreiner MediPharm’s Smart Blister Wallets, medication adherence in clinical trials can be monitored digitally and in real time. Supported by its partner Keystone, a leading US designer and manufacturer of pharmaceutical paperboard packaging, Schreiner MediPharm is now extending its

To ensure that clinical trial participants don’t know whether they are receiving the investigational drug or merely a placebo, the substances must be indistinguishable from each other. Schreiner MediPharm has developed a reliable blinding solution for vials used for clinical

As one of the world’s leading manufactur¬ers of injection molding machines for plas-tics processing, manufacturing efficiency plays a major role for the family-owned company ARBURG based in the Black For¬est. For further optimization and fitness for digitalization, the mechanical engineering

A smooth workflow between the receiving and the shipping departments calls for perfect interaction between marking, identification, and digitalization. One of the ways to achieve that is the deployment of Schreiner ProTech’s RFID DistaFerr ESD. Combined with a driverless system,

The Schreiner LogiData competence center stands for innovative, customized RFID developments. Now the experts have designed something for themselves—of which customers of course are ultimately going to benefit. The team has had a small specialized helper since this year: 3DM,

The benefits of insurance plates made of self-adhesive film are obvious. In direct comparison with the good old metal plate, they weigh less, are harder to fake, easier to use, and conserve resources. In Germany, electric scooters have exclusively been

It comes in red, yellow, and green, and is applied to the windshield of nearly every automobile in Germany in a readily visible place. Since 2008 the fine-dust sticker has been required for any vehicle entering a low-emission zone. Produced

In the middle of September 2023, the two packaging specialists SGD Pharma and Schreiner MediPharm jointly conducted a two-day seminar to provide participants from the pharmaceutical industry with insights into glass and label manufactur¬ing and to inform them about current