Anytime a driver changes lanes there is a risk of an accident due to blind spots. To minimize this risk, modern vehicles are equipped with radar lane change assist systems to warn drivers of obstacles near their selected direction of

The days when “corona” was associated primarily with a Mexican beer brand or a royal crown are long gone. For nearly a year and a half, we’ve all been dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and the actions governments around the

Beauty is a subject that has always played a major role in the world’s diverse cultures over the centuries. Today, the question of personal beauty has greater relevance than ever before and is reinforced by the power of pictures and

About a year and a half ago, Schreiner MediPharm and PragmatIC entered into a partnership aimed at offering manufacturers of pharmaceutical products and medical devices a wide variety of cost-efficient smart labels. However, there’s a lot more to this joint

Wailing sirens, flashing blue lights, and a medevac helicopter hovering above the scene: In the event of an accident involving potential loss of lives, the victims require immediate medical attention. For first responders, paramedics, and emergency room physicians, this means

In the fall of 2019, Schreiner MediPharm launched Cap-Lock, an innovative first-opening indication for prefilled syringes, followed by a product evolution less than a year later: The label now featured an RFID inlay integrated at the level of the cap

Sustainability and climate protection are among Schreiner Group’s focus topics. The company is committed to energy efficiency, reduction of CO2 emissions, and sparing use of resources in all areas of the organization. The same applies to the development of product

This year’s presentation of the FINAT Awards saw Schreiner Group scoring in as many as four different categories. The judging panel specifically emphasized Plasma-Patch from Schreiner ProTech, a solution for wound healing by means of printed electronics that was selected

Many city governments have begun to equip and register a wide variety of objects with RFID in areas ranging from garbage and sewage disposal to fleet management. In a Smart City, all relevant objects can be captured and represented in

To enhance safety of injection for both healthcare professionals and patients, Schreiner MediPharm developed its Needle-Trap needle protection system more than ten years ago. Since then, Needle Trap has become successfully established in the marketplace. Extensive tests determine the compatibility