In June 2022, the self-adhesive label community met for its annual conference at which the European Association of the Self-Adhesive Label Industry (FINAT) also recognizes the best products. For Schreiner Group, the 2022 FINAT Awards were a resounding success: in

Increasing traffic safety and reducing the number of unregistered vehicles. Those were the main reasons that motivated authorities in the Republic of Kosovo to introduce the 3rd License Plate in the country. The all-in-one solution from Schreiner PrinTrust and its

With their specialized expertise, Schreiner MediPharm and AARDEX Group complement each other perfectly, and with their smart solution for digital medication adherence monitoring, are pursuing the goal of enhancing patient compliance especially in clinical trials. Non-adherence to the prescribed dosage

Many modern companies are committed to “Acting today for the generations of tomorrow.” This commitment implies the implementation of environmental, economic, and social goals for greater sustainability. That poses a major challenge also to pharmaceutical companies because they have to

What Is Printed Electronics? What Benefits Does Printed Electronics Offer? What Are Areas of Development in Printed Electronics? How Can Printed Electronics Be Combined with Conventional Electronics? What Specific Customer Applications Exist for Printed Electronics? Who Are the Experts in

Quality management helps improve products and services, retain customers, and operate in economically efficient ways. In Germany, this concept has been institutionalized by Gesellschaft für Qualität (DGQ), the German Quality Association–of which Schreiner Group has been a member since 1991.

200 million euros in annual sales, 1,200 employees, and some seven million hightech labels produced on every single day: Schreiner Group’s success story is based especially on strategic elements such as customer intimacy and customer-focused innovation as well as on

Schreiner Group aims to be climate-neutral by 2030. It is an ambitious plan that the company laid down in its strategic sustainability goal in 2021: a statement of intent that clearly surpasses the goals of other industrial companies—but that is

Trying on a new pair of glasses in the virtual world or projecting a sofa into one’s living room with a mouse click: AR technology makes all of that possible. AR stands for augmented reality and that’s exactly what this

Many manufacturing companies process different products on the same production line. Specifically for these requirements, the Schreiner Services competence center has developed a dispensing and application system that is able to apply different label versions to diverse products in a