Author: Bettina Walz

In spite of the numerous benefits of digitization, some everyday processes are more secure in analog form. They include the protection of personal identification numbers (PINs) sent by mailers. It’s the safest and fastest way for this confidential information to

Climate protection, sustainability, and energy efficiency are areas in which Schreiner Group has been actively engaged for a long time. Now the company has installed nine charging stations for electric vehicles at its headquarters in Oberschleissheim. The stations make it

All of us come into contact with parcels and packaging practically day in day out. Packaging that keeps its contents “safe and sound” is a requirement to be met not only for consumer goods shipped by the growing number of

The devil is in the detail: Manual ordering processes are error-prone and often lack transparency due to cumbersome email correspondence or Excel forms. Schreiner Group has now revolutionized the ordering process and developed a digital B2B closed-shop.

Water is the basis of all life, and water meters protect our planet’s most valuable resource by helping ensure that its consumption is charged fairly. Water meters serve as the interface between public utility networks and private-sector residential buildings and

Unique components should lend themselves to unique identification, allocation and tracking across their entire lifecycles for maintenance and other relevant purposes. Corporations like Siemens AG rely on RFID labels from Schreiner ProTech in automation projects of their customers in the

Persistent organic pollutants (POPs) can be harmful to human health and the environment. The Stockholm Convention commits nations worldwide to banning POPs or to restricting their production, utilization, import, and export. Within the EU the POP Regulation implements these requirements

High-quality, durable, and scratch-resistant: Schreiner ProTech’s Color Laser Film (CLF) is a proven and well-established product in the market. The laser-markable film impresses with numerous advantages and special properties, including high durability and emission-free marking. Primera, a manufacturer of specialty

Ever since the various COVID-19 vaccines have been discussed in public, the fact that some pharmaceuticals require refrigeration at extremely low temperatures has become common knowledge. This is true not only in the context of combatting the corona pandemic but