2020 FINAT Awards: Three First Places


2020 FINAT Awards: Three First Places

For Schreiner Group, the presentation of the 2020 FINAT Awards was a resounding success. Last year, a total of three first-place awards went to Oberschleissheim: the Autoinjector-Label and the Covert-Hologram Seal from Schreiner MediPharm as well as a translucent Color Laser Film with a value-adding function from Schreiner ProTech impressed the jury. Due to the corona crisis, an all-new concept featuring an online event was created for the awards ceremony that brought the festive atmosphere right to people’s offices this time.

In the fortieth year of its existence, the European association for the self-adhesive label industry presented the 2020 FINAT Awards. Schreiner Group was recognized with a total of three first-place awards in diverse categories. “I’m delighted about these accolades,” said President and CEO Roland Schreiner on the occasion of the 2020 FINAT Label Competition awards ceremony, “because they show that our products stand out in a wide variety of sectors—which is tremendous motivation for all our employees.”

Schreiner MediPharm’s Autoinjector-Label for TEVA was successful in the “Pharmaceutical” category. Schreiner Group’s business unit developed the label for the globally operating Israeli pharmaceutical manufacturer TEVA. Due to the label’s special abrasion protection, vital user and product information remains permanently legible.

The Autoinjector-Label from Schreiner MediPharm for TEVA won in the “Pharmaceutical” category.

In the “Security” category, Schreiner MediPharm’s multifunctional Covert-Hologram Seal won a first-place award. Due to an initially covert holographic effect, the label delivers reliable, irreversible tamper evidence for pharmaceutical packaging and includes covert counterfeit-protection features.

Another award went to the multifunctional Covert-Hologram Seal from Schreiner MediPharm in the “Security” category.

An additional award went to a translucent Color Laser Film from Schreiner ProTech that won first-place recognition in the “Industrial” category. This Color Laser Film is a partially light-permeable marking solution enabling backlighting of customized inscriptions or symbols. Due to being adhesive on both sides, it additionally serves as a component bonding technique. As a result, it combines the positive properties of the classic Color Laser Film (CLF) with the benefits of translucence and the characteristics of Schreiner ProTech’s bonding solutions.

In the “Industrial” category, the translucent Color Laser Film from Schreiner ProTech won recognition.